How to Make a Worm Bed for Red Wrigglers

How to Make a Worm Bed for Red Wrigglers
Red wrigglers or red worms are often used in compost piles because these worms adapt well to living in containers indoors. A worm bin full of red wrigglers not only disposes of your kitchen scraps and renders nutrient rich compost, it also provides you with a readily available source of fishing bait. Your red wrigglers will stay healthy for years if you prepare their bed properly and feed them regularly.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Container with lid
  • Drill
  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
Step 1
Purchase a wood or plastic container to build the worm bed for your red wrigglers. Choose a shallow container up to 18 inches tall with a lid.
Step 2
Drill several 1/4-inch diameter holes in the bottom of the container. Space the holes evenly along the bottom of the container approximately 3 to 4 inches apart to provide drainage and help prevent the worm bed from becoming soggy.
Step 3
Shred newspaper into 1-inch strips until you have enough shredded newspaper to fill the container three-fourths full.
Step 4
Spray the shredded newspaper with water from a spray bottle to moisten the paper. Stir the paper with your hand while you spray it until it is moist but not soaking wet.
Step 5
Place the red wrigglers in the container with the bedding. The red wrigglers will burrow into the worm bed.
Step 6
Cover the container with the lid and store it in an area that maintains a temperature between 55 and 77 degrees F.
Step 7
Add fresh newspaper as necessary to keep the worm bed at least 4 to 6 inches thick.

Tips & Warnings

You can also use shredded newspaper, leaves, straw, sawdust or a combination of these substances to create your worm bed.
Place fruit and vegetable scraps into the container to feed your red wrigglers.
Do not store your red wrigglers in temperatures above 84 degrees F.

Article Written By Kittie McCoy

Kittie McCoy has been a freelance writer since 2008. She is also a part-time personal trainer and licensed entertainer in Las Vegas. She enjoys sharing her love of physical fitness and experience in the entertainment industry via her writing.

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