Directions for Salting Baitfish

Directions for Salting BaitfishAnglers use minnows and other small fish to catch such predatory fish as bass, carp, catfish and perch. Salting these baitfish will dry them out---eliminating moisture---so that you can more easily hook them to your fishing line. Salting baitfish also eliminates the problem of decay and waste. Although salting baitfish is not an overnight process, once the prep done, you just have to wait for the fish to dry out completely.


Difficulty: Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Salt
  • Borax
  • Food storage container
  • Container
  • Hole punch
Step 1
Mix 2 pounds of noniodized salt and 1/2 cup borax in a large container.
Step 2
Punch drainage holes in a second container, preferably a food storage container, using a hole puncher.
Step 3
Pour 1/4 cup of the salt-borax mixture into the container with the holes.
Step 4
Spread your baitfish on top of the mix. Allow about a 1/2-inch allowance between each baitfish and either side of the container.
Step 5
Cover this first layer of baitfish with the salt-borax mixture. Continue to create layers of salt between each layer of baitfish. Top off the container with a final layer of the salt-borax mix.
Step 6
Store the salted baitfish for 14 days or until dry, which will kill off bacteria. Do not seal the container.

Tips & Warnings

Do not substitute any of the ingredients. Borax, for example, is required to toughen baitfish for a stronger hold.

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