How to Catch Garden Worms for Bait

How to Catch Garden Worms for Bait
A garden provides the perfect environ for garden worms to thrive, offering shade from the sun as well as moist, dark soil for garden worms to hide. Garden worms are most active at night and can be stored in a cooler or refrigerator. Check your garden and areas around your backyard for a good supply of garden worms for your next fishing trip.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Container
  • Low-watt lamp
  • Rack
  • Working gloves (optional)
Step 1
Go to your garden or backyard after a hard rain, preferably at night. As you capture garden worms, store each one in a container loosely packed with soil. Soil offers nutrients, which captured garden worms can absorb through the skin. You can use any container that does not have an air-tight seal.
Step 2
Position a small lamp to the side of your garden. Garden worms may scurry when exposed to direct light, so use a lamp with low wattage if the area you are searching is especially dark.
Step 3
Target large obstructions such as flower pots, large stones and rocks, outdoor furniture, and wood piles stored near the side of your house. Move quickly from one spot to the next to avoid missing garden worms that may burrow into the soil if there is too much disturbance to the area.
Step 4
Rack areas of soil, if necessary, to uproot any worms that are just beneath the surface. To catch garden worms, which may burrow deeper into the soil if they are left exposed for too long, rack a small area in your garden or backyard, retrieve any garden worms that you find and then move to the next area.

Tips & Warnings

Handle night crawlers with care and avoid squeezing them too hard. Expect wiggling and squirming. You can also feed garden worms fruits and vegetables.

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