How to Tie Monofilament Fishing Line to Copper Wire

How to Tie Monofilament Fishing Line to Copper Wire
Copper wire and monofilament fishing line can be used for saltwater and freshwater fishing; however, copper wire is most commonly used for deep-water applications. Copper wire is made up of several strands and rated based on the number of pounds it can hold. When attaching monofilament fishing line to copper wire, it is best to use a swivel, so tangling along your line is kept to a minimum.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing reel
  • Swivel
Step 1
Assemble your reel, if necessary, and spool monofilament fishing line onto your reel. Loosen the drag on your line, so there is at least 3 to 4 inches of line hanging off the end of your reel.
Step 2
Choose a metal swivel, which will connect the monofilament fishing line to the copper wire. Size 8 holds up to 50 lbs., size 6 holds up to 30 lbs., size 4 holds up to 130 lbs. and size 2 holds up to 230 lbs.
Step 3
Tie the monofilament fishing line to a swivel using the cinch knot. Thread the monofilament fishing line through the eye of the swivel. Wrap the end that is closest to the swivel around the other end of your fishing line about five times. Pass the tag end of the fishing line behind the eye of the swivel and then run it under the remaining loop. Pull the cinch knot tight.
Step 4
Tie the copper wire to the other end of the swivel. Thread the copper wire through the swivel and secure it using a copper twist. Using approximately 3 inches of copper, twist the wire very tightly and close to the end of the swivel.
Step 5
Cut excess line and wire from the swivel.

Tips & Warnings

For very deep applications, use the Albright knot to tie copper wire to your swivel. Form a loop. Pass the tag end of the copper wire through the loop and then tightly around itself. Wrap the wire around the loop 10 times. Thread the end of the copper wire back through the loop. Pull the Albright knot closed and cut the ends.

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