How to Repair an RV Greywater Valve

How to Repair an RV Greywater Valve
Repair your leaky greywater tank as soon as you discover the leak, but certainly before your next RV trip. A leaky valve is subject to rust and other damage, which can cause even more repairs to your water system. The greywater tank in your RV holds the water from your faucets and sinks, so you don't want to chance the valve not being able to retain the water inside of your tank. Learn how you can repair your greywater valve in minutes using just an adjustable wrench.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Protective gloves
  • Adjustable wrench
  • New valve
Step 1
Turn off the water supply and allow water inside the toilet to drain out. Use a cleaning treatment product to sanitize the greywater tank. See manufacturer for approved products and use as directed.
Step 2
Uninstall the four small bolts attached to the outer flange and dump valve, which is located outside the toilet, near the floor. Remove each bolt by hand using an adjustable wrench. Turn in a clockwise direction to remove. Be careful not to exert too much force.
Step 3
Pull out the "T" handle by hand, which are seals that fit snugly along the grooves of the valve body. Removing the handle will unseat the attached valve. Use a lubricant if necessary to help unseat the handle and valve.
Step 4
Mount the new valve and secure it with the wrench. Tighten each of the bolts completely to prevent leaks. Mount the new valve in the closed position, which is indicated on the body of the valve.
Step 5
Turn the water back on.

Tips & Warnings

Wear protective gloves when repairing an RV greywater valve.

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