How to Catch a Perch With Dead Minnows

How to Catch a Perch With Dead Minnows
Perch vary in size, but typically range in diameter from 6 to 9 inches; some species reach up to 10 to 12 inches or more. Known for stealing bait, perch have a tendency to "perch" up from a hidden location and steal bits of bait, if not the whole piece. To beat the perch at its game, learn a few techniques you can use to trick perch into thinking your dead minnows are alive, thriving and swimming.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Reel
  • Hook
  • Weight
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing net
Step 1
Tie on a hook, using the sheet bend technique. To tie a sheet bend knot, make a loop. Pass the tag end through and then around the loop. Pull the knot closed. Your hook is now secure. Attach a weight, one foot forward of the hook, using the same technique.
Step 2
Attach a dead minnow to your hook. Grip the minnow with your thumb and index finger. Pass the point of the hook through the side of the minnow. Choose an entry point near the head so the body can move naturally within against the current. Pull the point of the hook out the other side of the minnow.
Step 3
Cast your line in environs where perch hide and wait to strike passing bait. Look for weeds, brush, logs, and other obstructions; these areas often are where perch wait.
Step 4
Cast your line, allow it to settle, wait several seconds and then slowly re-set your line by pulling it to an alternate location. Continue to string your line through the water, pausing every few minutes to wait for a strike. This mimics the motion of a minnow. If perch do not strike your line, retrieve it and try again, using the same approach.
Step 5
Hold your line after a strike. After a perch strikes your dead minnow, wait to retrieve your line from the water. Pulling the dead minnow from the perch's mouth could cause you to lose your catch.
Step 6
Retrieve your line once the perch starts to turn and swim away. You'll know this is happening because you will start to feel a lot of tension in the line. Start reeling in your line. It's important that you maintain a strong grip and that there is little to no slack in your line. Use a net to scope the perch from the water. Once you reel him all the way in, cut him from the line.

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