How to Fish With Round Lead Sinkers

How to Fish With Round Lead Sinkers
Round lead sinkers, often referred to as split-shot sinkers, are among the most common fishing weights because of their simplistic nature. It is easy to attach split-shot sinkers to your line and requires very little time or preparation. Sinkers drag your bait to the level that fish swim and drive your line farther when you cast. Round lead sinkers come in assorted sizes and weights; be sure to determine which size will suit your needs best, or experiment to achieve varied results.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Pair of pliers
  • Fishing line
  • Round lead sinker mold
Step 1
Determine how far off the water bed the fish swim in the body of water in which you are fishing. You want your bait to float at the same height as the fish, so place your sinker that far up your fishing line.
Step 2
Locate the wings on the side of the lead sinker. Pinch the sinker at the wings with the pliers to open it.
Step 3
Insert your fishing line in the open gap on the sinker at the height on the line that you determined in Step 1.
Step 4
Close the sinker tightly with the pliers so it will not slide up or down the fishing line.
Step 5
Tie a hook at the end of the line using an improved clinch knot, then attach the fishing bait of your choice.

Tips & Warnings

Add more lead sinkers to the line to increase your casting distance.
If you are fishing with a swivel, place the sinkers above the swivel so they don't impede the spinning effect with their weight.

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