How to Hook a Fishing Worm

How to Hook a Fishing Worm
The image of a worm dangling on the end of a fish hook is such a classic that it seems most people think that with a rod, reel, a little tackle and some earthworms they can catch fish. The problem is that worms are fragile things. Hooking them is easy enough, but keeping them on the hook is not as simple as spearing them with it, especially when using simple, single-barbed hooks. Only a few extra steps will ensure the worm stays on the hook long enough to bring in the fish.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Take one end of the worm and hold it near the hook. Push the point of the hook into one side of the worm about one inch down from the end of the worm.
Step 2
Turn the hook upwards, so the its point is pointing toward the nearest end of the worm. Push the hook up so the barb exits the worm near the end of the worm, catching the barb on the outside of the worm for grip. This leaves most of the worm dangling down from the hook, presenting very enticing bait. However, this form of hooking is not the most secure, and the worm may fall off the hook given enough time. For extra grip on the hook, skip this step and proceed directly to Step 3.
Step 3
Push the point of the hook out the other side of the worm, spearing the worm.
Step 4
Twist the lower part of the worm up and around so you can skewer it on the point of the fish hook. This hooks more of the worm, ensuring it will stay on the hook, while leaving much of the length of the worm to dangle from the hook and lure in fish.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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