How to Make a Camper Awning

How to Make a Camper Awning
RV and camper enthusiasts know that an awning is essential to expanding the space of their vehicle. While awnings typically do not provide shelter from wind and heavy rain, they can serve as the roof over a dining area or cover from light rain. Build your own awning in order to customize it to fit your needs; putting together an awning is simple, cost-effective and can provide all the benefits of a store-bought one.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • 8- by 8-foot nylon tarp
  • 3 8-foot long, 1/4-inch diameter PVC pipes
  • 10-foot long, 1/4-inch diameter PVC pipe
  • 2 elbow PVC joints, 1/4-inch diameter
  • 2 "C" clamps, rubber-tipped
  • 4 lengths of nylon rope
  • 4 tent stakes
  • PVC cement
  • Sewing machine
  • Pliers
Step 1
Remove the grommets from two, parallel sides of the tarp using the pliers.
Step 2
Fold the two, parallel edges of the tarp over 1 inch. Sew the folded pieces to create fabric tubes; be sure to leave all the ends open.
Step 3
Insert the 10-foot PVC pipe through the fabric tube on one side of the tarp. This side will be the back that is pressed against your camper.
Step 4
Slide an 8-foot pipe through the tube that is parallel to the 10-foot pipe.
Step 5
Attach the PVC elbow joints to both exposed ends of the 8-foot pipe and secure into place with the PVC cement.
Step 6
Fix the "C" clamps to the camper along a ridge just above the doorway. Position the clamps 9- to 10-feet apart from each other. Open the clamps to fit the exposed ends of the 10-foot pole inside of the open area of the clamp and then tighten them shut to hold the awning against the side of the camper.
Step 7
Insert the other two 8-foot pipes into the open ends of the elbow T-joints to form the support legs for the awning. Stretch the tarp out from the camper until it is taut.
Step 8
Tie the ropes around the PVC elbow joints, two on each side. Pull one rope on each side taut, away from the camper, and stake it into the ground. Pull the other two ropes in opposite directions from each other, one facing the front of the camper and the other towards the rear and then stake them into place.

Tips & Warnings

The length of the two support legs can be as tall as you desire; determine how high you want the awning to be before purchasing the support legs.
Detach the "C" clamps, pull out the support legs and then roll up the tarp for transportation.

Article Written By Jacob Hendriks

Jacob Hendriks' work has appeared in "The Western Front," "The Planet Magazine" and He graduated from Western Washington University with a major in international business management and a minor in Community Health. Hendriks' passion for sports nutrition and fitness, combined with experience as a personal trainer, has led him to pursue health-oriented journalism.

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