How to Sterilize Fish Nets

How to Sterilize Fish Nets
As a greater numbers of people continue to discover and enjoy the opportunities in the great outdoors, many take to streams, rivers, ponds and lakes for fishing. The increased use of water resources has led to the spread of aquatic nuisance organisms and plants all across the United States. Landing nets in particular can be offenders as the mesh net surface can trap and hold any number of nuisance organisms. Proper cleaning is essential.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • bucket or similar container, 5-gallon capacity
  • Warm water
  • Table salt, 2/3 cup
  • Running water source
Step 1
Fill a 5-gallon bucket with warm to hot water. Hot water from an inside or outside tap, when allowed to run for several minutes, will be hot enough for use.
Step 2
Add 2/3 cup of table salt to the hot water in the 5-gallon bucket. Pour the salt in so that it evenly distributes around the bottom of the bucket. Add the salt while the water is still as hot as possible.
Step 3
Stir the salt to aid in dissolving and place the net into the bucket to soak. Soak the net in the salt water solution for at least 24 hours.
Step 4
Remove the net from the bucket and rinse with running water from a hose, if possible. Rinsed over a grassy area, such as a lawn, if possible so that the ground absorbs the water runoff from the net. This will help prevent any surviving organisms from entering local waters through storm-drain run-off.
Step 5
Place the net in direct sunlight to dry thoroughly. Hot sunlight, in addition to drying the net thoroughly, can help to kill any remaining organisms that may have survived the sterilization process.

Tips & Warnings

Rinse the net thoroughly with running water to ensure all of the salt solution has been completely removed to avoid damage to the net itself.

Article Written By Keith Dooley

Keith Dooley has a degree in outdoor education and sports management. He has worked as an assistant athletic director, head coach and assistant coach in various sports including football, softball and golf. Dooley has worked for various websites in the past, contributing instructional articles on a wide variety of topics.

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