How to Catch Bluegill When Fishing in Lake Perris

How to Catch Bluegill When Fishing in Lake Perris
Lake Perris is located between Moreno Valley and Perris, approximately 65 miles south of Los Angeles. Visit the Lake Perris State Recreation Area for productive fishing for bluegill as well as other species like largemouth bass, rainbow trout, catfish and crappie. Other activities you can enjoy include boating, swimming, camping and hiking. Find large bluegill up to 3 lbs. in the lake while enjoying scenic backdrops of mountains and valleys.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel
  • Baits and lures
  • Fishing license
Step 1
Search around the Lake Perris Marina as well as the marshy areas of the lake. Both areas are very productive spots for bluegill fishing in Lake Perris according to the California State Parks Service. Another hot spot is located at the southern shore near the dam. Move and cast along other areas of the shore; all 10 miles of Lake Perris shoreline are accessible to anglers.
Step 2
Fish on sunny, warm days. The months of May through August are the best times to catch bluegill, when the water temperature ranges from 70 to 75 degrees.
Step 3
Use lightweight tackle such as an ultralight spinning rod and reel with a 2- or 3-lb. test. Do not use heavier lines because larger bluegill can be spooked with it, and bluegill as big as 3 lb. are known to inhabit Lake Perris waters. Also, using light lines enables you to cast smaller baits easier.
Step 4
Use baits such as crickets or mealworm to lure bluegill. If the fish are spawning, try a variety of artificial baits like small in-line spinners, plastic worms and tiny jigs.
Step 5
Observe regulations. You are allowed to take a maximum of 25 bluegill in Lake Perris. However, when fishing for other fish species, you are allowed to take a total of 25 fish in a combination of bluegill, red ear sunfish, green sunfish and crappie.

Tips & Warnings

A valid state-issued fishing license is required for all anglers age 16 and above to fish in the state of California.

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