How to Ice Fish With an Otter Shack

How to Ice Fish With an Otter Shack
An Otter portable fishing house, or shack, provides temporary housing and protection from harsh winds and low temperatures when ice fishing. Portable fishing houses vary in size from small to large, which equates to one to four people respectively. 


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Determine what size Otter portable fishing house you prefer and which features you'll need inside. Outfit your Otter shack with additional storage space, reinforced poles, heavy-duty fabric and draft skirts.
Step 2
Flip over the Otter portable fishing house, which attaches around the edge of your Otter sled. When the Otter shack is not in use, it will fold down to the side so it is out of the way. Lift the shack and flip it over the sled to access the shelter. Set up the poles per the manufacturer’s instructions so as to reinforce the shack during high winds.
Step 3
Store extra tackle and small gear inside the interior storage pouch. Extra gloves, eye protection, maps and small tools fit easily inside the storage pouch and will keep your Otter shack organized.
Step 4
Seal the top vents to reduce heat loss while inside the portable fishing house. Use the pull tab to close the zipper and seal the top vents. Windows and covers are also provided so visibility is not blocked when you are inside the shack.
Step 5
Fish from inside your Otter shack. Place the shack close to the hole you are fishing and set up a portable chair inside. Open the front zipper door all the way so you can move easily in and out of the shack. Cast your line into the hole and wait for a strike.

Tips & Warnings

Clean ice chunks and other obstructions from your fishing hole to avoid getting tangles in your fishing line.
Always wear thermal clothing and gloves when ice fishing to prevent heat loss in the body.

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