How to Install a RAM Mount to a Kayak

How to Install a RAM Mount to a Kayak
The company, RAM Mount, manufactures several different fishing rod holder mounts; however, they are all either flush-mount systems or mount-on-top systems. Mount-on-top systems are simple to install; you simply screw the base into the kayak where you want to fish from. Flush-mount systems are a little more complicated to install, but provide the benefit of allowing you to continue to be able to store your kayak upside-down.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • RAM Mount system
  • Drill
  • Hole-saw drill bit
  • Phillips-head drill bit
  • Screws
  • Felt pen
  • Silicon sealant
  • Hobby knife
Step 1
Sit in your kayak and decide where you would like to place the rod-holder mount. Behind the seat is one ideal place because it does not interfere with the paddles, yet is easily accessible.
Step 2
Place the flush-mount base against the kayak where you want to install the system. The tube that is protruding from the bottom of the base should be pressed onto the kayak. Trace a line around the tube onto the kayak with the felt pen.
Step 3
Attach the hole-saw bit to the drill and cut a hole where you traced the line. Make the hole just smaller than the tracing, so when you insert the base, you will have to force it into place.
Step 4
Scrape away any plastic shavings around the hole with the hobby knife.
Step 5
Push the tube on the base through the hole. Because the hole is slightly smaller than the tube it will require force to push it through; however, the snugness will prevent water from getting into your kayak. Don’t push the tube all the way down yet.
Step 6
Apply the sealant around the tube and then push it all the way down.
Step 7
Fasten the screws into the holes around the base with the Phillips-head drill bit.
Step 8
Insert the rest of the rod-holder system into the base.

Tips & Warnings

Place a cap over the hole of the base mount to prevent water from spilling into your kayak. Most systems come with a cap, but for those that don’t, you can find a cap at most sporting-goods stores.


Article Written By Jacob Hendriks

Jacob Hendriks' work has appeared in "The Western Front," "The Planet Magazine" and He graduated from Western Washington University with a major in international business management and a minor in Community Health. Hendriks' passion for sports nutrition and fitness, combined with experience as a personal trainer, has led him to pursue health-oriented journalism.

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