Treatment for a Portable Toilet

Treatment for a Portable Toilet
Algae and bacteria can grow inside your portable toilet, eventually overtaking it if a cleaning treatment is not used to remove it. You may also notice strong odors coming from your portable toilet. End sediment build-up in your toilet system by flushing it out with a cleaning treatment. The process can be done in a few hours and, when done regularly, will prevent damage from build-up. A clean portable toilet will make camping and outdoor events more convenient for you and your guests.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Hose
  • Face mask
Step 1
Pour out the contents of your portable toilet's bottom tank. Rinse the empty bottom tank out with a garden hose. Let the run-off from the bottom tank run into the grass or down a drain, if possible. Using one hand to grip the handle and the other to grip the back or bottom of the tank, pour out the contents slowly.
Step 2
Flush out the pressure line and pump suction in the top tank of your portable toilet. Run the pump several times to do this. Turn the pump on as normal to operate it. Let the pump run for several minutes at a time. Shut it off when you are done. Remove the top tank by hand.
Step 3
Mix a bleach-water cleaning treatment. Combine one-half cup of bleach with one liter of water in a container. Pour the mixture inside the top tank and rotate the top tank vigorously until the cleaning treatment washes all the walls of the top tank. Place the cap back on the top tank before shaking it.
Step 4
Fit the top tank back on top of the bottom tank. Turn the pump on again and let it run until the pump flushes all of the bleach water out to the bottom tank. You will see the bottom tank fill with bleach water.
Step 5
Remove the top tank by hand. Drain the top tank by flipping it over and letting the contents run out. Let the top tank remain upside down for several hours so it can dry out.
Step 6
Shake the bottom tank so the bleach water is tossed about vigorously inside the bottom tank, which will cause some water to enter and flush the drain tube and pump.
Step 7
Drain the bottom tank by flipping it over and letting the contents run out. Let the bottom tank remain upside down for several hours so it can dry out.

Tips & Warnings

You should not need an assistant to help you lift and shake the tank(s), but if you feel you cannot perform the task, have an assistant help you.
Always wear a face mask when handling bleach.

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