How to Install RV Globe Lights

How to Install RV Globe Lights
Dress up your RV camping area with globe lights. Globe lights a decorative lighting option and they also produce up to 60-watts of light. Globe lights are safe to use around children and are shatterproof, waterproof and weather-resistant. Purchase globe lights online or from an auto parts manufacturer. Choose from colors such as bronze, white, clear, patriot and purple/yellow.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Light bulbs
Step 1
Choose between a 6-pack, 10-pack and 12-pack of globe lights. Larger packs may be available.
Step 2
Unwind the 30-foot coiled cord and lay the globe lights out in a straight line. Have an assistant help you or string the globe lights one end at a time.
Step 3
Install the globe lights according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Attach your globe lights using awning hookups, which are specially designed to slide into the awning rail at either end.
Step 4
Fit the awning hookups inside the awning "track," which runs along the center of your awning. Once you slide the hookups into place, string the rope lights over the "s" shape that makes up the bottom curve of the hookup--the part that sticks out from the awning. Attach an awning hookup about every 6 inches along the awning; you can add more or less depending on how tightly you want the globe lights to hang.
Step 5
Screw a bulb into each light socket. Globe lights generally require up to 60-watt bulbs, which are provided in the package.
Step 6
Plug the globe light into your generator or campground electrical post. Globe lights require a low level of power, so you can run other electrical appliances when the lights are plugged in.
Step 7
Turn the globe lights on during low visibility, especially at night when you need to see your RV in the dark.

Tips & Warnings

Replacement globe bulbs are available if one of the bulbs burn out.
Pull the globe lights tight in a straight line or allow sections of the string to hang low.
The slot in the track along an awning is standard.
Measure the track length along your awning to ensure your globe lights are the correct length. Sizing information for your globe lights is available on the original package provided by the manufacturer.

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