How to Buy Frozen Minnows

How to Buy Frozen Minnows
Minnows are an ideal bait fish because of their size, cheap price tag and appeal among a cross section of fish. Fisherman and anglers who fish regularly with minnows can benefit from purchasing frozen blocks. Tackle stores and online retailers sell frozen minnows, which you can purchase months before a trip and then thaw when needed. When purchasing frozen minnows, there are a few packaging and size issues to consider.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Refrigerator
  • Nylon net
Step 1
Compare sealing and packing processes among vendors. Choose a vendor that uses a vacuum sealer to remove air and excess moisture from the minnows before sealing and freezing them. As of June 2010, a vacuum sealer is the best method for preserving minnows while frozen.
Step 2
Purchase one-trip packages, which will minimize waste. Minnows soften after freezing, so thawing a large package of minnows and then re-freezing the unused portion would break down the minnows too much for future use.
Step 3
Thaw in a refrigerator one to two days prior to your fishing trip. (“Fishing Boating”) states that you can also place a frozen block of minnows in a nylon net with a maximum mesh size of ¼-inch and hang it over the side of your boat and let the minnows thaw and drift in the current.

Tips & Warnings

Bait your line with minnows when fishing for bass, carp and goldfish.
It is illegal to cross certain borders with minnows unless they are salted and frozen. Canada is an example.

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