How to Avoid Some Common Pitfalls When Buying Cheap Camping Gear

How to Avoid Some Common Pitfalls When Buying Cheap Camping GearCamping season kicks off in early spring and lasts until early fall. Campers who begin shopping for last-minute camping gear will find very few deals. The best time to shop for camping gear is during the off-season when retailers roll out more deals and discounts to lure potential customers. While purchasing the first piece of cheap camping equipment that is on sale or heavily discounted is appealing, it is best to shop around. Shopping around will help you to avoid common pitfalls shoppers experience when buying cheap camping equipment.


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Step 1
Decide which type of camping you will be doing and choose camping equipment that is rated accordingly. For example, purchase equipment manufactured with metals and heavy plastics if you will be back-country camping. If your equipment breaks in a remote location, you have a greater distance to travel before you can purchase a replacement at a local shop. Avoid lightweight plastic equipment that can easily break.
Step 2
Purchase camping equipment that is manufactured for the environs in which you will be camping. For example, make sure the tent you purchase is weatherproof and treated with UV protection. Some cheap tents do not feature mildew, weather and waterproofing treatments.
Step 3
Check the quality of the equipment. Retailers commonly discount camping equipment that is defective or proceeded by a more advanced model. Check all equipment for visible tears, defects and poor construction. Examine the seams, zippers and pockets for proper construction.
Step 4
Ask about the warranty. Some retailers offer deep discounts because there is no warranty in place to protect the camping equipment against wear and tear. If the retailer only offers a limited warranty, such as a 30- to 90-day period, check if an extended warranty is available for purchase. Extended warranties are especially useful for campers who incorporate activities such as hiking into their camp trip. You want cheap camping equipment that can withstand multiple setups per week.
Step 5
Go online and check your local newspaper. Don’t make the mistake of relying on retailers for the best discounts. Online retailers also offer discounted camping equipment. Purchase more than one piece of equipment and save on shipping costs. Look for brand names such as Black Diamond, North Face and Brunton.
Step 6
Check product performance reviews online or contact the manufacturer. Go the manufacturer’s website or visit for detailed ratings and reviews on cheap camping equipment. Consumer reviews are also available, which allow you to follow up on the experiences other campers had with a particular piece of cheap camping equipment. 

Tips & Warnings

Shop around and compare prices for the best deal.
Not all cheap camping equipment will hold up over time. Test for durability before purchasing.

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