How to Tie Different Sinker Lines for Fishing

How to Tie Different Sinker Lines for Fishing
A sinker is another word for weight. Tie a sinker to your line so you can fish the bottom of lakes and rivers, where bottom feeders such as bass, goldfish and catfish swim and feed. Add leader to your mainline for additional line length. Once your fishing line is rigged with the sinker setup you want, cast your line and wait for the catch. Sinkers vary in style and size.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Snap Swivel Rig with Light Sinker

Things You’ll Need:
  • Mainline
  • Pliers
  • Snap swivel
  • Swivel
  • Worm hook
  • Plastic worm
  • Sinkers
Step 1
Pass the tag end of the main fishing line through the snap swivel. Tie a basic fishing knot to secure the fishing line to the snap swivel.
Step 2
Pry open the snap with a pair of pliers and seat the looped end of a snelled fishing hook inside.
Step 3
Attach a light weight sinker. Attach the wire loop at the end of the sinker onto the snap swivel. Press the top of the snap down and close it around the hook of the sinker. Rig your bait and cast your line to the bottom.

Carolina Rig with 1/2-oz. Sinker

Step 1
Gather about 12 to 48 feet of leader in your hand. Tie a worm hook to the leader using the sheet bend technique.
Step 2
Rig your hook with a plastic worm. Pass the pointed end of the hook through the body of the plastic worm until it is securely attached.
Step 3
Tie a swivel to the end of the leader using the sheet bend technique. To do a sheet bend knot, thread the tag end of your line through the eye or loop of the swivel. Pass your line back around the eye of the swivel and close the knot.
Step 4
Tie a 1/2-oz. egg sinker or 1/2-oz. lead, steel or brass sinker to your mainline. Position the tapered end toward your fishing rod.
Step 5
Tie three to four plastic glass beads onto your mainline. Position the beads about 1/2 inch from the sinker. Noise from the beads will attract fish including bass. Tie the end of your mainline to the swivel. Cast your line into the water.

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