How to Secure Your Kayak While in Camp

How to Secure Your Kayak While in Camp
If you are renting a kayak while at camp and do not have a kayak carrier on which to secure it, foam is an effective alternative. You can use the foam to protect your car while securing it to the vehicle for safe storage. Securing a kayak to your car will also free up space and prevent damage from ground-level use. If your roof does have a kayak carrier installed on the roof, you can secure the kayak to the carrier. Either way, to secure a kayak while at camp all you have to do is mount the kayak to the roof of your car and secure it using tie downs.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Foam or roof carrier
  • Tie-town, bungee cords or nylon straps
Step 1
Pad the top surface of your car with a sheet of foam. The foam will protect your roof from scratching and other damage as you position the kayak into place. Foam is available for purchase at local hardware stores.
Step 2
Load your kayak on the roof of your car upside down. Position it atop the foam and lay it top to bottom; it must lay parallel to your car. If you are using a kayak carrier, set your kayak inside the saddles or j-cradles. Instructions will vary by carrier, so read the owner’s manual for placement instructions.
Step 3
Secure the kayak to the roof of your car using tie-town, bungee cords or nylon straps, preferably a strap with a buckle. Put the straps across both ends of the kayak, wrapping each end as far apart as the rack or roof will allow. Fasten both straps down as directed by the manufacturer.
Step 4
Tie the front of your kayak down by attaching a rope around the front grab handle of the boat and securing it under the front bumper of your car. Do the same for the back grab handle; except this time, use the back bumper.
Step 5
Check the security of the kayak by pulling on the front and rear ends of the boat. Your kayak should not move.

Tips & Warnings

Laying your kayak upside down will prevent water from being trapped inside if it rains during the night.

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