How to Enhance RV Lighting

How to Enhance RV Lighting
Enhance exterior lighting using RV stick lights, which are rechargeable, light weight and, generally, last up to 20 hours between charges. Two varieties are available, as of June 2010: suction cups and magnetic mounts. After you enhance the exterior of your RV with new lighting options, enhance the direction, intensity and color scheme of the light pattern inside your RV using solar light panels and other light fixtures and click-on devices.


Difficulty: Moderate

Exterior Lights

Things You’ll Need:
  • RV stick light
  • RV string lights
  • Globe lights
  • RV solar lighting panels with equipment and installation kit
  • RV light fixtures including strip lights and recessed lights
Step 1
Purchase an RV stick light from a local RV or auto parts dealer. Prices vary, but, as of June 2010, an RV stick light can cost approximately $400 dollars. Mount the RV stick to the exterior of the RV for additional lighting or use it as a tow light when traveling in remote areas or along dark stretches of highway.
Step 2
Charge the RV stick light using a generator or power outlet. Charge times may vary, so always read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding charging times.
Step 3
Hang RV string lights along the exterior of your RV. String lights are safe to use during wet conditions. Use zip ties to secure the lights across the roof and down the sides of your RV. Most RV string lights require 60 watt bulbs and offer enhanced lighting when camping at night.
Step 4
Mount globe lights to an RV awning using the installation kit provided by the manufacturer. Globe lights are shatterproof, water proof and weather resistant. Globe lights are available in bronze, white, clear, patriot and purple/yellow.

Interior Lights

Step 1
Install RV solar lighting panels, which require specialized equipment and an installation kit. Purchase from an RV solar shop or online. Choose between solar powered flashlights, solar powered awning lights and 12VDC fluorescent light bulbs, which do not require power from a generator or electrical connection at an RV park or campground.
Step 2
Attach additional RV light fixtures, which can be mounted above door frames and mirrors as well as on RV ceilings, wood panels and hard surfaces such as walls and doors. Choose between common lighting options such as striped lighting, which means a strip light is attached to a hard surface such as a wall, and recessed lighting, which means a circular light is fitted in between ceiling joists in your RV. Recessed lighting will require professional installation.
Step 3
Mount stick-and-click lights, which, as of June 2010, can cost about $15. Clean the surface upon which you will mount the stick-and-click light using a damp microfiber cloth, which is designed to trap and remove dust and dirt. A hard surface such as a wall, panel or window frame is ideal. Press the light against the hard surface and wait 10 seconds for the adhesive strip or suction cup to bond to the surface.

Tips & Warnings

Lubricate the suction cups as directed, and press to a clean surface such a wall or window.
Mount magnetic mounts as directed by the manufacturer.
Be careful not to overwork your generator.

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