How to Assemble the Reel on an Abu Garcia

How to Assemble the Reel on an Abu Garcia
Sweden's Abu Garcia Co. produces fishing reels and other equipment. To properly clean one of its reels and lubricate the parts, the reel needs to be disassembled. Reassembly of the reel requires all the original parts and approximately an hour to complete the task. Once you reassemble the reel, you can thread and hook your line as usual and fish shallow or deep waters.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Synthetic grease
  • Applicator brush (optional)
Step 1
Assemble the worm gearing section. Slide the cylinder into place according to the line guide, which will be flush with the upper slot when the cylinder is correctly attached. Pass the drive guide into the worm gearing by hand. Turn the cap clockwise until it locks into place. Slide the locking clip down to secure the cap.
Step 2
Lubricate the gearing with synthetic grease. Apply it directly from the nozzle or brush it on.
Step 3
Attach the side cover by snapping it into place.
Step 4
Assemble the drag section. Depress the collar until it is completely lowered over the gearing section. A clicking sound will indicate that the collar is in place. Screw on the rod, which holds the spool, into place. Push the cover down, allowing the teeth to guide you. The cover will not fasten until the teeth are snugly between the grooves on the post.
Step 5
Assemble the handle section. Locate a star or wheel-like part on the side of the reel. This is the drag start. Tighten it, but do not cross-thread it. Maintain a strong hold on the drag start so it does not spin. Attach the washer and then tighten it. Attach the nut and screw it down. The cap is now locked.
Step 6
Pass the spool, which holds your test line, onto the rod. Position the gears outward to the free end of your rod, which is where your test line will exit for the water.

Tips & Warnings

Keep the parts to your Abu Garcia reel out of reach of small children and pets.

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