How to Install Kwikee RV Steps

How to Install Kwikee RV Steps
Kwikee electric RV steps are designed with tall set RVs in mind. These vehicles, largely Class A RVs, are essentially at bus height making entry and exit from the cab of the vehicle unsafe without steps. For Kwikee models, a power switch on all versions allows steps to automatically extend as a door is opened. Turning on the RV ignition automatically draws the steps back under the RV. Additionally, a rocker switch allows passengers to extend and retract the stairs manually.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Flat tip screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
Step 1
Turn the Kwikee steps upside down. Locate the control unit under the step. Find the 10-gauge green wire connected to the control unit. Attach the open end of the green wire to the negative terminal of the 12-volt DC battery. Charge the battery fully beforehand.
Step 2
Locate the four-way plug attached to the control unit. Attach the open end of the four-way plug to the pigtail connection. The pigtail connection consists of four wires: a red, yellow, brown and white wire that connect at one end to a single plug.
Step 3
Locate the power lead on the pigtail connection. The power lead is the red wire. Note that this wire has two ends, one end of which is connected to the power switch. Attach the other end of the red wire to the positive end of the battery.
Step 4
Find the brown wire on the pigtail connection. Ground the brown wire to the negative terminal of the battery. This will extend the steps.
Step 5
Disconnect the power lead, the red wire, and the brown wire from the battery. Ground the green wire to the chassis.
Step 6
Locate the white wire on the pigtail connection. Connect the white wire to the power switch if not already connected.
Step 7
Find the yellow wire on the pigtail connection. Attach the yellow wire to the fuse block. Plug the yellow wire into the terminal marked IGN (Ignition).
Step 8
Reattach the power lead, the red wire, to the positive terminal of the battery. Reattach the brown wire to a terminal on the door switch. Attach a grounding wire to the other door switch terminal. This grounding wire should be 16-gauge wire. Attach the open end of the grounding wire to the ground chassis.
Step 9
Test the door switch to see if the steps fully extend before mounting both the steps and switch to the vehicle.

Tips & Warnings

Fuses or circuit breakers are not supplied but are necessary for some models. Consult the manual of the model you own for details.

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