How to Use a Berkley Fish Scale

How to Use a Berkley Fish ScaleWhether for personal bragging rights or official weigh-ins at a tournament, anglers commonly want to know the weight of their day's catch. Many scales are available for purchase, however, Berkley markets several scales such as the FS30, FS50 and FS65 that are easy to use, durable, reliable and accurate. With common features such as an averaging function, ergonomic designs and water-resistant casings, Berkley scales are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater angling.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Berkley digital scales
Step 1
Hold the power button on the Berkley digital scales for at least 3 seconds. The display will activate as the scales begin to zero themselves. When the screen indicates 0 pounds and 0 ounces, the scales are ready for use.
Step 2
Select a unit of measurement for weighing using the Berkley scales. Press the power and choose buttons at same time for at least 3 seconds. This will allow you cycle between pounds and kilograms. Select the desired unit of measurement based on personal preference.
Step 3
Weigh a fish by hooking the large scale weigh hook under the gill plate of the fish. You can also choose to hang the hook from the lure if it is still attached to the lip of the fish. Lift the fish completely off the ground so that it is not supported and wait for the digital reading to appear steady in the display window.
Step 4
Set the Berkley digital scale to tare weights. This function will allow multiple fish in a container to be weighed at the same time. Attach a weighted container to the scales and wait for the display to indicate a steady weight. Press the power button one time and the scale should show zero indicating the scale has been tared.
Step 5
Store a weight into the memory of the Berkley digital scale for future reference and averaging. With the fish attached to the large weighing hook and the weight steady in the display window, press the choose button for 3 seconds. The weight will automatically be stored in one of nine registers in the memory.

Tips & Warnings

The Berkley will also automatically average the stored weights. Press the choose button one time to enter the memory function. Scroll through the menu until the A option appears, which indicates the average of all weights stored in the registers.

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