How to Install a Fishing Line for the Okuma Ignite IT-20

How to Install a Fishing Line for the Okuma Ignite IT-20
Okuma manufactures and distributes a wide range of fishing equipment designed to be used for both fresh and saltwater game fish. One example of the quality gear produced by Okuma is the Ignite IT-20 spinning reel. Designed with a disc drag system, four stainless steel ball bearings, front adjustable drag and 5:1 gear ratio, the IT-20 is an easy to use and affordable reel that is ideally suited for use in many fresh water and inshore fishing situations.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Okuma IT-20 spinning reel
  • Fishing line (monofilament or fluorocarbon)
  • Sharp scissors
Step 1
Open the bail at the front of the reel by pulling it back to the side. This is necessary so that the line will be engaged by the metal bail when it is closed and the line can be guided and wound onto the spool when the handle is turned.
Step 2
Attach fishing line to the spool of the spinning reel with an arbor knot. Tie the arbor knot by feeding 6 to 7 inches of the free end of your fishing line around and past the spool. Form an overhand loop with the free end of the line so that the loop passes around the main line.
Step 3
Tie a second overhand loop below the first loop using only the free end of the line. Slowly pull the knots down tight around the spool so that the knots lock against each other and hold the line tightly around the spool. Trim excess from the free end of the line with a sharp pair of scissors.
Step 4
Close the bail of the reel and hold the line with one hand several inches in front of the reel. Apply tension to the line. This is necessary so that the line will spool evenly and smoothly onto the spool of the reel.
Step 5
Turn the handle of the reel with a slow to medium speed. Continue to apply tension to the line as the line is spooled onto the reel. Wind line onto the spool until it is just over three-quarter full. Do not fill the spool completely full as this may increase the possibility of backlash or bird's nests. Cut the line free from the filler spool with sharp scissors.

Tips & Warnings

Position the filler spool in front of the reel. Determine the direction that the bail is turning as this will be the direction that the line is wound. The line on the filler spool should be pointing in the direction that the bail is turning. This is important to help reduce and minimize line twist and backlash while fishing.

Article Written By Keith Dooley

Keith Dooley has a degree in outdoor education and sports management. He has worked as an assistant athletic director, head coach and assistant coach in various sports including football, softball and golf. Dooley has worked for various websites in the past, contributing instructional articles on a wide variety of topics.

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