How to Build a Bicycle Carrier

How to Build a Bicycle Carrier
Transporting your bicycle to a cycling trail is easy with a bike carrier. Instead of purchasing a commercially manufactured bicycle carrier from a local bike shop, you can build one in your backyard or basement depending on where you can use welding equipment without disturbing others. Once the bicycle carrier is securely in place, you can transport your bicycle anywhere.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Metal tubing
  • Hacksaw
  • Goggles
  • Welding equipment
  • Hitch pin
  • Foam pipe insulation
Step 1
Determine the length requirement for the carrier, which will lock in place at the rear of your vehicle (not on the roof). The length you choose must be sufficient enough to allow your pedals to rest just beyond the bumper of your vehicle. Add 12 inches to this measurement. Cut a piece of metal tubing with a hacksaw equal to this measurement.
Step 2
Cut a second piece of metal tubing 3 1/2 feet long.
Step 3
Weld the two pieces of metal tubing together so they form an "L" shape.
Step 4
Weld a 14-inch piece of metal tubing at the top of the "L." You will pass the bottom of the "L" into the hitch. It will sit parallel to your bumper.
Step 5
Weld two 4-inch arms at the ends of the top mounting brace. Drill a hole in the lower arm.
Step 6
Swathe the arms and the mounting brace in foam insulation. This will guard against damage.
Step 7
Pass the lower arm of the carrier into the car hitch. Lock it into place by pushing a hitch pin by hand into the hole that you drilled into the lower arm. Position the bike's cross tube on the arms of the carrier.
Step 8
Secure the bicycle with bungee cords. Wrap the bungee cords around the cross and seat tubes. Pull the cords back around the bike carrier and fasten them down.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear a helmet when cycling.

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