How to Keep Minnows Caught From a Stream

How to Keep Minnows Caught From a Stream
Visit the shoreline of any water source, including freshwater and saltwater streams, and you'll find minnows. Minnows are prey to fish such as the bluegill and largemouth bass. Catch minnows upstream, and then carry them downsteam to fish deeper waters. For superior striking action, keep your minnows alive in a tank or bucket. Larger fish are more prone to strike a live minnow than a dead one.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tank or bucket with lid
  • Aerator
  • Bubbler
Step 1
Get a small bait-holding tank or bucket.
Step 2
Fill it with water from the stream. Using a different water source might raise or lower the minnow's body temperature, which can cause shock or death.
Step 3
Use an aerator to oxygenate the water and keep the minnows alive longer. Aerators are small. Fit the aerator inside the tank or bucket with the hose suspended over the side to take in air.
Step 4
Attach a bubbler near the aerator. Bubblers are also small, and they produce turbulence and current, which may increase the life of your minnows. They also help reduce stress in anxious minnows.
Step 5
Add the minnows, and then cover the tank with a lid, which you can purchase at your local fishing and tackle store.

Tips & Warnings

Use dead minnows to attract fish to the shore.
It is common for very young or anxious minnows to die.

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