How Do I Change a Corona 22-DKC Kerosene Wick?

How Do I Change a Corona 22-DKC Kerosene Wick?
The use of kerosene heaters inside buildings has been prohibited in a number of states because of safety concerns, resulting in a dramatic decrease in the number of home kerosene heaters available. Kerosene heaters are still popular with winter campers, as one gallon of kerosene can put out approximately as much heat as an entire wheelbarrow full of firewood. Replacement wicks for kerosene heaters are still readily available at local hardware stores and online, and wick replacement instructions are included with the replacement wicks.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Corona 22-DKC Kerosene Heater
  • Corona 22-DKC replacement wick
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Pencil
Step 1
Burn your Corona 22-DK Kerosene Heater so that your wick and your sump are completely dry. Turn the stove off and wait 30 minutes so that the heater is cool to the touch. Flip open the lid on the top right of your Corona 22-DK Kerosene Heater and remove the fuel tank. Remove the panel at the back and take out the batteries. Remove the knobs on the front of the heater by pulling them upward. Swing open the grill and remove the catalytic converter by gently lifting it up and out toward you.
Step 2
Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew the three screws securing the cabinet to the base of the heater (one on each side and one at the back). Lift the heater cabinet forward and up to remove it. Remove the wind shield by gently lifting it straight up. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the ignition unit from the base. Unscrew the four wing nuts securing the wick adjuster hardware to the heater base by turning them counterclockwise. Remove the wick adjuster hardware by lifting it out of the base.
Step 3
Use a pencil to draw a circle around the wick you are removing at the edge of the wick holder sleeve. Fold the used wick inside the sleeve to remove it from the teeth holding it in place, and slide it out of the wick holder sleeve. Your Corona replacement wick will come with a black line on it. Insert the wick into the wick holder sleeve so that the black line is just over the edge of the sleeve. Apply pressure to the wick so that the teeth on the wick holder sleeve hold it in place.
Step 4
Insert the wick holder tube with the new wick installed onto the draft tube, ensuring that the wick has enough room to move around the middle of the draft tube. Put the wick adjuster knob back on, and ensure that the spring is free of tension. Make sure that emergency tip-over switch is set to "Off," and give the wick adjuster knob a three-quarter turn clockwise. Slide the pinion into the wick shaft so that the wick holder sleeve's teeth are at the top. Place the entire unit gently on the heater base and test the wick to make sure that it goes up and down. Put the wing nuts on loosely by turning them clockwise and raise the wick as far as it will go.
Step 5
Turn the wing nuts clockwise to tighten them. Make sure there is approximately 3/8 inch of wick exposed. Loosen the wing nuts and make any necessary adjustments to the wick, and then reassemble the heater in the reverse of the order in which you took it apart.

Tips & Warnings

Use extreme caution when removing the used wick from the wick holder sleeve, as the teeth that secure the wick are extremely sharp.

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