How to Fix a Zipper on a Camper Canopy

How to Fix a Zipper on a Camper Canopy
While it is true plastic zippers are less prone to damage than metal zippers, all zippers might require some repair work at some time. If the coils, pull tabs or zipper slider in your camper canopy become damaged or need repair, fix each problem using just your hands or a simple pocket tool such as a pair of pliers. Don't replace your camper canopy just because of a broken or jammed zipper. Use the most effective zipper repair instructions for camping gear.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sewing needle or safety pin
  • Pocket-sized pliers
  • Pull tab
  • Cord or ribbon (optional)
Step 1
Fix flattened coils. Reshape damaged coils by passing a sharp, pointed object such as a sewing needle or safety pin underneath each coil. Slowly manipulate each coil back up into its original shape by pressing and jockeying it back into shape.
Step 2
Fix a zipper slider that is not meshing correctly. Use a pocket-sized pair of pliers to reposition the zipper slider back to the top of the zipper if it is not there already. Squeeze the rear corner of the zipper using the pliers. Squeeze the opposite side rear corner. Exert the same amount of pressure to both sides. Slowly move the zipper down. Repeat as necessary until the slider starts to function properly.
Step 3
Fix a material jam. Check that material is caught in the zipper. Gently ease the material from the zipper by pulling the material from the zipper by hand. Using pliers or other tools may rip the material, so use with caution.
Step 4
Fix a damaged pull tab. Pull off the old pull tab if it is damaged. Using a pair of pliers, pry back the metal arch that holds the pull tab just enough for you to remove the broken pull tab from the metal arch. Hook a new pull tab to the metal arch, then force down the metal arch using the pliers.
Step 5
Replace a lost pull tab with a new one or use a ribbon or cord. Thread the cord through the metal arch. Tie a knot to secure it on the pull tab for repeated use.

Tips & Warnings

Always seek the advice of a professional before removing a zipper from a camper canopy. Visit a local camping gear repair shop or contact the manufacturer.
Take caution when prying back the metal arch on a diecast aluminum zipper. The metal arch may break off if too much force is applied.

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