How to Create a Surf Map

How to Create a Surf MapA region may have the most beautiful coastline, but if you have not researched the swell forecast or identified the access points, you could miss surfing that spot altogether. Prevent such a dilemma with a surf map. You can create a digital surf map or draw one out by hand. Having a surf map will equip you with important geographical information as well as prepare you for what to expect once you arrive.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Mapping software
  • Graphing paper
  • Writing and drawing utensils
  • Printer with ink
Step 1
Choose a region such as Indonesia (pictured above); Central Oregon; British Virgin Islands or Maldives.
Step 2
Research the best 10 to 25 surfing spots in that region.
Step 3
Outline the region on a full color map using a mapping software. Draw it out by hand if you prefer. For example, a Central Oregon surf map could run from Pacific City to Florence. A Northern California surf map could run from Big Sur up to Crescent City.
Step 4
Delineate a summary line for each surf spot. Describe access points, the best way to travel to each surf spot, what to expect at each site, and swell conditions for the period in which you will be surfing.
Step 5
Add a journal section at the bottom of the surf map. Use this area to rate each surf spot.
Step 6
Save and print the surf map for future use.

Tips & Warnings

Prepare a travel checklist for your surf vacation.

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