How to Make Hoop Fishing Nets

How to Make Hoop Fishing Nets
Landing a fish can be difficult, especially if you are fishing from a boat. A hoop fishing net can be used to scoop fish from the water as you reel them in, or you can use a long-handled hoop net to simply snag fish from the bank of a river. Building your own net can save money, as well as allow you to customize the design to fit your specific needs.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 3-foot-long wood rod, with a 1-inch diameter
  • 18-inch PVC hoop
  • 48 x 12-inch section of sturdy netting
  • Saw
  • Sewing machine
  • Drill
  • 2 galvanized wood screws
Step 1
Lay the net out in a large workspace. Fold the 12-inch edges inward so they are overlapping by 2 inches. Use a short-stitch to sew the folds so they form a tube.
Step 2
Fold the net in half so the two 12-inch edges are aligned. Sew the sides of the net up to the bottom of the tubes you created, making sure they remain open. The net should be a circular shape without any gaps.
Step 3
Measure the width of the wood rod against the PVC hoop. Using the saw, cut the marked section out of the PVC piping.
Step 4
Thread the tube that you sewed around the top of the net over the PVC hoop.
Step 5
Trim the wood rod with the saw to a length that feels comfortable to use as a handle for your net.
Step 6
Feed the wood rod into the gap and drill holes at an angle from the inside of the hoop into the wooden rod. Fasten the rod into place with the wood screws, making sure it is level with the hoop

Tips & Warnings

Select high-quality netting with small holes to prevent the fish from escaping.
Use heavy-duty screw to provide more support for the handle.
Install a longer handle if you are going to use the net for scooping fish from a river bank.

Article Written By Jacob Hendriks

Jacob Hendriks' work has appeared in "The Western Front," "The Planet Magazine" and He graduated from Western Washington University with a major in international business management and a minor in Community Health. Hendriks' passion for sports nutrition and fitness, combined with experience as a personal trainer, has led him to pursue health-oriented journalism.

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