How to Install Kayak Rod Holders

How to Install Kayak Rod Holders
Kayaks are wonderful crafts for fishing. But with limited room, fishing rods quickly get in the way. This is an inconvenience and it can be a safety issue if the rod gets in the way of a quick exit, trapping you inside an upside-down kayak. The solution is to install one or more rod holders. Flush-mounted rod holders keep your fishing rod out of the way when not in use, yet easy to access when needed.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Make a template for the rod holder by tracing the flange onto the sheet of paper and cut it out. If your rod holder came with a gasket you can use it.
Step 2
Find a suitable location for the rod holder. Look for a place that will not interfere with paddling the kayak, yet be easy to reach. The sides behind the seat are usually good places. They are easily reached and will let you troll as you paddle.
Step 3
Use the template to mark the holes for the rod holder and the screws.
Step 4
Using the epoxy attach the end cap to the rod holder. You can make an end cap by cutting a disk from plastic using the same hole saw you will use for the rod holder hole. Let this dry for several hours.
Step 5
Drill the holes in the rod holder and screws
Step 6
Place the gasket over the holes. Put the rod holder in to the gasket and holes. If your rod holder does not have a gasket outline all the holes with marine sealant, then put the rod holder into the holes. It will not hurt to use sealant with the gasket.
Step 7
Place a rivet into each hole and secure with the riveting tool. If you are using screws. Thread the screws into the well eyes and place one into each hole tightening with the screw driver.

Tips & Warnings

Use angled rod holders so you can troll with them.

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