How to Make a Light Tent

How to Make a Light TentWhether your campsite is located in the backwoods of a remote location or at a popular campsite, you can build a light tent using a few simple tools. With a light tent, you can say, good-bye to bulky commercial tents that take up too much space or are difficult to set up and take down. Another benefit of building a light tent is that many of the tools you'll need to complete the construction process are items that you would take on a camping trip anyway.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Drape a tarp over the branch of a pine tree. Adjust the tarp so it hangs down from the center point of the tarp with equal length hanging down on both sides. The branch must be at least 3 to 4 feet above the ground and long enough to cover the entire length of the tarp.
Step 2
Collect four sticks, which will pitch the tent so it opens out into a triangular shape. Each stick must be equal to the height of the tree branch. Set two of the four sticks just under the tree branch, near the front opening of the tarp.
Step 3
Position the sticks so the top of one stick leans forward and makes contact with the top of the other stick. The bottom ends of both sticks will not touch. Create a kind of two-sided triangle that does not have a closing at the bottom.
Step 4
Affix the apex of the sticks with utility tape. Offset the sticks slightly (no more than an inch or two) so you can bind the tape more easily.
Step 5
Repeat steps 2 to 4. Use the last two sticks to pitch the back opening of the tarp, which will give it its complete shape.
Step 6
Lay two plastic bags down on the ground end to end. Check that the bags overlap and cover the length of the tarp. Place your sleeping bag over the plastic bags.

Tips & Warnings

You can hang from your tarp from a branch that is higher than 3 to 4 feet above the ground.
You can use any sturdy tree that is near your campsite.
Always disassemble your light tent after use. Don't leave it hanging from a branch for others to clean up after you.

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