How to Install Wheel Chocks for Campers

How to Install Wheel Chocks for Campers
There are two types of wheel chocks you can use to stop a camper from moving when parked. Choose from chocks that you wedge under the wheels of your camper, or chocks that you position next to the wheels of your camper. Both are designed to effectively secure camper vehicles.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Block style chocks
  • Wedge style chocks
Step 1
Size the wheel chocks according to the size of your camper. Choose lightweight chocks for smaller vehicles large, solid chocks for larger vehicles.
Step 2
Park your RV and apply the parking bark. Choose a roadway that is paved and avoid grassy areas and gravel roads, which do not provide sufficient footing.
Step 3
Apply pressure to the camper to check for movement. If there is no movement, the chock(s) are securely in place. If there is movement, force the wedge chock further under the tire, or, if using block style chock, push it closer to the tire.

Tips & Warnings

Note: block style chocks must reach at least halfway up your tires.

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