How to Tie Trailing Fishing Hooks

How to Tie Trailing Fishing Hooks
Trailing hooks have multiple uses and allow anglers to increase the chances of hooking fish. The tandem system can be used to fish two flies or lures or it can be used to add an extra hook to a single, long fly or lure. The trailing hook does increase the chance of tangling and hooking obstacles but it is preferred by many anglers. Trailing hooks are either tied to the bend in the hook or the eye of the hook. The trailers can also be permanently added when the fly or lure is being created.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Lure to Lure

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line
  • 2 lures or flies
Step 1
Make a loop with the fishing line. Hook the loop around the bend in the hook. Hold the loop between your forefinger and thumb.
Step 2
Spin the primary hook with your forefinger and thumb in the opposite hand. Spin the hook five to seven full revolutions.
Step 3
Slide the tag end of the fishing line through the loop created at the bend in the hook. Pull the tag end and the main stem of the fishing line simultaneously to tighten the clinch knot.
Step 4
Use the same clinch knot to attach the hook to the eye of the second hook.

Bare Hook

Step 1
Begin tying the fly or lure by wrapping thread on the bare hook shank. Cut a section of 10-20 lb. test monofilament line. Loop the line and measure the loop so it is even with the length of the fly tail.
Step 2
Slide the trailing hook on the loop. Place the line on the top of the hook shank and wrap several tight layers of thread over the line.
Step 3
Coat the thread with super glue to secure the line in place. Tie the remainder of the fly or lure.

Tips & Warnings

Adjust your casting range to account for the extra length of the trailing hook. Be careful when fishing in large pods of fish because the extra hook is liable to snag fish.
Check the regulations before fishing with a trailing hook. The extra hook is illegal in some regions of the United States and Canada.

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