Monofilament Fishing Line Trellis Instructions

Monofilament Fishing Line Trellis Instructions
A trellis is a kind of grid or latticework--with a crisscross pattern--used specifically to support and guide the growth of vines and climbing plants, or creeping plants as they are also known. You can create a trellis using monofilament fishing line. The benefit of a monofilament fishing line trellis is its transparent color, which will not draw attention away from the plant.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Nails
  • Hammer
Step 1
Select a wall for the trellis.
Step 2
Create a shape for the trellis with a pencil. Once you mark the direction, install nails along the wall based on these markings. The number of nails that you need will depend on the shape and the height of the trellis. Space the nails at an even distance.
Step 3
Secure the tag end of the fishing line to the highest-placed nail. String the monofilament fishing line down the wall following the path of the remaining nails.
Step 4
Tie down the monofilament fishing line to the lowest-placed nail.
Step 5
Unravel the monofilament fishing line allowing the tag end to hang over the climbing plant, which should be no more than an inch away from the wall. Pass the fishing line directly into the growth of the climbing plant. Cut excess line and allow the monofilament fishing line to drape down over the plant.
Step 6
Check back periodically. You do not have to take any further action. The climbing plant will start to climb the fishing line on its own. Check back to see how much the plant has grown and to determine whether you need to add to the trellis.

Tips & Warnings

If you cut down the climbing plant, use caulk to fill the holes in your walls left by the nails.

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