How to Assemble a Screen Tent

How to Assemble a Screen Tent
The screen tent comes in many different shapes and sizes. This tent provides protection from insects and wind and can be used while camping or outside of the home. Some tents use aluminum or plastic poles to create a rigid structure and others use collapsible poles like a camping tent. The collapsible pole models are lightweight and easy to transport while the aluminum pole models are heavy and better used as a semi-permanent structure. Most of the tents have a four-corner design and some have a waterproof roof for rainy days.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tent
  • Poles
  • Stakes
  • Hammer
Step 1
Locate a large, flat area and remove any sticks and rocks from the ground. Remove the tent, poles and stakes from the tent bag. Place a rock on the tent body to prevent it from blowing away.
Step 2
Assemble the two large poles by snapping each section together. The poles are connected by chord and can only be assembled in one direction.
Step 3
Lay the screen tent material flat on the ground. The roof will be the only portion of the tent that is not screen. The roof must be facing upward. Rotate the screen until the door is facing the desired position.
Step 4
Place the end of each pole in the corresponding grommet. Some screen tents use a pin to set the poles in place. This will erect the tent frame and create four corners.
Step 5
Locate the hook clips located along the exterior tent seams. Attach the clips to the poles to completely erect the tent. Walk the exterior perimeter of the tent and use a hammer to pound stakes through the d-rings or fabric loops. This will anchor the tent to the ground.
Step 6
Pull the tent ropes tight to the ground and use a hammer to pound stakes through the loops on the end of the ropes. Enter the tent and locate the rope that runs along the edge of the roof. Pull the rope to tighten the screen material to the frame.

Tips & Warnings

A screen tent can be erected by a single person but the task is much easier with multiple people. You can also clip the tent to the poles before placing the ends in the grommets but the clips must be in the proper position. If the clips are not aligned, the poles will not bend properly.
Avoid setting the screen tent up in high winds. The tent material is lightweight and it will blow away if not properly anchored. Screen tents are commonly used for cooking but it is important to keep the flame away from the flammable tent material.


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