Flat Wing Fly Tying Instructions

Flat Wing Fly Tying Instructions
The flat wing style is used by fly tiers to create streamers. The style of the wing is long and it uses soft materials to create motion in the water. The flies are effective for a wide variety of species and are designed to imitate bait-fish. The long tail will cause small fish to miss the hook but large fish will devour the entire fly. Flat wing flies are best fished by anglers targeting trophy-sized fish.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two saddle hackle feathers
  • Flashabou
  • Synthetic hair
  • Zap-a-gap
Step 1
Start the thread on the 1/2 point of the hook shank. Secure the thread to the hook by wrapping it over itself. Cut the tag end of the thread.
Step 2
Tie in the standard streamer tail of your choice. Calf tail and marabou are common tail materials. Tie the tail to match the length of the hook gap. The flat wing will overlap the tail.
Step 3
Measure two or three saddle hackles to 1-1/2 times the length of the hook shank. Lay the hackles flat on the top of the hook.
Step 4
Tie in the saddle hackle feathers immediately behind the tail. Make two light wraps, then two1 firm wraps to secure the hackle feathers. Add a drop of zap-a-gap to reinforce the thread wraps.
Step 5
Tie the body and head of the fly in the style you desire. Whip finish the head and cut the thread.

Tips & Warnings

Add flashabou and synthetic hair to increase the visibility and movement of the flat wing. Tie the wing on the front of bulky flies and on the back of thin flies.
The flat wing must be set directly on top of the hook shank. If the wing sits to the side of the shank it will wrap around the hook bend while being retrieved.

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