How to Fish Around Underwater Lights

How to Fish Around Underwater Lights
Using underwater light to catch fish is not a new idea. For years, fishermen have taken advantage of light lines just beyond bridges, and many swordfish baits light up. But the idea of outfitting boats with underwater colored lights is fairly new, thanks in large part to the advances in LED lights in recent years. These underwater lights work by attracting phytoplankton, which draws zooplankton, which is eventually followed by baitfish. Where there is baitfish, there will eventually be predators. Predators include large saltwater fish like swordfish and sailfish prized by anglers the world over.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing boat with green and blue LED strobe lights mounted underwater
Step 1
Use colored underwater fishing lights instead of white lights to attract more baitfish which will ultimately bring more predators to your fishing poles.
Step 2
Use a green LED strobe light when fishing in low-light conditions during the day,
Step 3
Use a blue LED strobe light when fishing on clear days.
Step 4
Turn on all of the underwater lights your boat is equipped with, regardless of color, If you are fishing for swordfish at night or early in the morning.

Tips & Warnings

Blue light will pierce through deeper water than any other color, followed by green. Scientists generally agree that fish can differentiate between colors.
The deeper the fish are, the less likely they are to see the color of the lights you are using.

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