How to Build Bicycle Parking Racks for the Garage

How to Build Bicycle Parking Racks for the Garage
Numerous storage solutions are available for bicycles, but building a simple parking rack is inexpensive and relatively easy. Racks can be built from wood or PVC materials and they will stabilize the bike. Parking bikes in the rack will prevent them from falling and reduce the risk of causing damage to the bike. Racks can be designed to fit as many bikes as you desire, but keep in mind that large racks are difficult to move. Build the rack to fit 1-to-5 bikes, then build another if you require more spaces.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 2 2 foot 2x4's
  • 2 18-inch 2x4's (for each bike)
  • 2-inch deck screws
  • 1 1/2-inch deck screws
  • 1 2-foot 1x3
  • Skill saw
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety goggles
Step 1
Cut two 2x4's to two feet in length. The two boards will make the base of the bike rack. Beginning on one end of each 2x4, make a mark at 18 inches. Make another mark two inches outside of the 18-inch mark. The two marks will be the measurement for the tire space on the rack.
Step 2
Cut two 18-inch lengths of 2x4. Cut one corner on each board at a 45-degree angle with a skill saw. The corner will be placed facing upwards on the front of the rack.
Step 3
Place the two long baseboards parallel to each other. Align the two 18-inch boards with the markings. The markings must be on the inside of the boards. Use a drill and 2-inch deck screws to connect the boards. Drill through the base boards first then into the small 2x4s. When finished, the baseboards will sit flat on the ground and the 18-inch boards will stand upright.
Step 4
Repeat the measurement and place as many tire slots as you desire. When completed, place a 2-foot 1x3 on the back of the rack. Lay the board flat against the upright tire slots. Use 1 1/2-inch deck screws to connect the 1x3 to the tire slots. This will act as a stopper for the tires.
Step 5
Test the rack by placing the front tire of a bike in one of the slots. The bike should stand without assistance.

Tips & Warnings

Measure the diameter of the wheel and width of the tires on your largest bike before beginning. Adjust the width of the tire slots and the space between the two baseboards to ensure the bike fits.
Wear safety goggles and be cautious when using the skill saw. Make cuts on a stable base and keep your hands at a safe distance from the blade.

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