How to Build an Underwater Fishing Light

How to Build an Underwater Fishing Light
Fishing can be a nice way to pass the time or get out and experience nature, but if you need to catch some fish for dinner, you'll want to use all the tools you can. A fishing light is a good way to bring fish to you. It attracts small fish to the light, which in turn brings in larger, hungry fish. Placing your line near the light gives you a chance to catch the fish you've drawn to the area.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • 20-ounce clear or green plastic bottle
  • Fishing line
  • Small flashlight
  • Small rocks
  • Wood dowel
Step 1
Insert small rocks into the bottom of the 20-ounce bottle to weigh it down so that it will submerge.
Step 2
Place the flashlight into the bottle. It needs to be small enough to get through the mouth but strong enough to cast a bright light.
Step 3
Squeeze as much of the air out of the bottle as you can to make the bottle sink more easily. Place the cap on the bottle to prevent air from coming back in.
Step 4
Wrap fishing line around the top of the bottle so that you can lower it into the water near where you are fishing. Wrap the remainder of the line around the wooden dowel to keep it out of the way. You will need 50 or so feet of line to lower the bottle to various depths in the water. You can lower it by slowly unrolling the line on the dowel just as you would a kite string.

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