How to Fold a Pop-Up Tent

How to Fold a Pop-Up TentPop-up tents are very easy to erect but folding the tents can be moderately difficult. The self-erecting tents are spacious and popular with many campers but the tents must be properly folded in order to fit in the storage bag. The tents are available in many shapes and sizes and the folding process can vary based on the number of poles used. It is important to erect the tent slowly the first time it is used. It will fold in the exact opposite manner as it unfolds.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Remove the tent stakes from the ground and place in the stuff sack. Walk the perimeter of the tent to be sure all the stakes have been removed from the tent body and the tent ropes. Coil the tent ropes to prevent them from tangling while folding the tent. Remove the rain fly if it is separate from the tent body.
Step 2
Grab the base of the tent at the door and at the back of the tent and fold it in half. Hold the fold with one hand and grab the tent base with the other hand.
Step 3
Push the tent into a ring shaped fold while maintaining your grip on the original fold. The fold should collapse naturally on the ground and leave two new rings standing. If it is resisting then your original fold is in the wrong direction.
Step 4
Rotate one of the standing rings until it is horizontal with the ground. Lay it on the first ring. Lay the third ring on top of the previous two rings.
Step 5
Secure the rings to each other with the Velcro strap. Tuck the tent into the tent bag and zip the bag to a closed position.

Tips & Warnings

Use two people to control the tent while folding. The natural spring design of the tent will make it resist when it is initially folded.
Watch the tent unfold to help visualize the way it will need to be folded.
Using extreme force to fold the tent in the wrong direction will cause the poles to break. Be firm but remain aware of the natural bends while folding the tent.

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