How to Mend a Fishing Net

How to Mend a Fishing Net
Whether it be an angler's dip net, a casting net or the netting in a fish trap built to ensure survival in the wilderness, netting of all types spends a lot of time in damp conditions. Add in some salt corrosion and the thrashing of fish and frayed or torn netting is inevitable. The ability to mend a fishing net is therefore both a useful, cost-cutting skill for recreational fishermen and a sound survival skill for backpackers and other wilderness outdoorsmen.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spool of line or cordage
Step 1
Examine the damaged part of the net. Trim away any frayed or rotten line.
Step 2
Measure the distance between all the loose lines in the gap in the net, so you can cut sections of line to bridge these lines and mend the gap. Cut sections of line at least 50 percent longer than the measurements you took, so you have extra line to tie knots with.
Step 3
Hold the loose line in the net with your left hand and the mending line with your right. Make a loop in the mending line in your right hand.
Step 4
Run the loose line from the net, held in your left hand, through the loop in your right hand. Draw the loose line from the net back so it goes over the top of the loop, forming a second loop around the original loop held in your right hand. There are now two loops--one for the left- and right-hand lines.
Step 5
Run the left-hand line under the left-hand loop and then through that loop (i.e. both the line and loop are part of the loose line from the net). This turns the left-hand loop into a knot tied around the right-hand loop. Pull both the loose netting line and the mending, right-hand line tight. You just used a sheet bend knot to tie the mending line onto one of the loose lines in the gap in your net.
Step 6
Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to tie the other end of mending line onto the matching loose line in the net, bridging those two lines. Trim away any excess line from the mending line. Then repeat the entire procedure for all remaining loose lines to mend the entire gap in the net. Where individual mending lines intersect, bind them together by tying ordinary square knots at the intersection.

Tips & Warnings

A spool of cordage or line that matches the type used to make your net is not strictly speaking necessary, but using polyethylene line to mend a nylon fishing net means less friction in the knots, and therefore the mend might not last as long.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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