How to Make a Fishing Net Knot

How to Make a Fishing Net Knot
Anglers use netting for landing nets, throw nets and a variety of other types of nets, and while nets are easy to use, they require periodic maintenance. Rot, accidents and damage from rocks or the fish themselves are potential sources of tears in your netting. Repairing the netting is as simple as tying fresh strands into place to patch up the tear or hole, but to do that, you must be able to tie a sheet bend.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Spool of nylon or polyethelene line
Step 1
Set the two lines next to each other, one on the right and one on the left, so they slightly overlap. Form a loop in the right line.
Step 2
Thread the left line through the loop you made in the right line. The two lines are now in contact and completely overlap.
Step 3
Run the left line over the top of the loop in the right line, then wrap it completely around the loop. This will almost form a loop in the left line.
Step 4
Thread the left line under itself, back through the almost-loop formed in Step 3. The result is tying a knot with the left line through and around the loop formed in the right line. The ends of both lines should now be secured in loops and pointing away from each other.
Step 5
Tug the ends of both lines until the sheet bend is tight.

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