How to Make Ski Boots Fit

How to Make Ski Boots Fit
Ski boots provide you with the support and rigidity required for skiing down slopes or across snowy terrain. Fit is the most important factor when choosing ski boots. Most ski boots do not fit properly right out of the box. They need to be fitted during a break-in period by making adjustments for your body and foot shape. Improper fit can hinder your performance and development.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ski boots
  • Footbed
  • Heel-lift inserts
Step 1
Get ski boots with the right shell size. Do this by fitting the boot depending on your skier profile. Comfort fit boots are recommended for beginner skiers, performance fit for intermediate or advanced skiers and high-performance fit boots for advanced or expert skiers. Comfort fit boots have extra toe space, softer flexing shells, warm liners and high-volume shell shapes. Performance-fit boots are relatively stiff, offer less volume, are more snug and have less toe room. High-performance boots are very snug and stiff, with no extra toe room, and offer more steering control and response.
Step 2
Use a high-quality footbed to improve the fit of your boots. Footbeds are boot inserts to match your foot shape, reduce pronation, offer support and improve fit. You can find ready-made footbeds in most ski shops or you can have them custom molded.
Step 3
Adjust your boot's cuff alignment. Arrange the cuff to better fit your leg, allowing you a more comfortable and neutral stance.
Step 4
Let a ski shop boot-fitter adjust your boots' canting. Canting aims to correct the skier's stance through wedges and sole planing under the boot's binding.
Step 5
Use heel-lift inserts if you are a beginner who tends to extend your legs more than flex them--what is known as "backseat skiing." Heel-lift inserts alleviate discomfort by correcting toe-crunching. As you improve your stance and technique, this modification won't be necessary.

Article Written By Rona Aquino

Rona Aquino began writing professionally in 2008. As an avid marathon runner and outdoor enthusiast, she writes on topics of running, fitness and outdoor recreation for various publications. Aquino holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and English from the University of Maryland College Park.

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