How do I Tow a Travel Trailer?

How do I Tow a Travel Trailer?
With campsites available across the country, you can tow your trailer to an out-of-state campsite for the summer or winter depending on your seasonal preference. Towing a trailer requires consideration for the tow vehicle, the weight capacity of the hitch class and the trailer itself. A typical full-size vehicle like a Ford Crown Victoria can tow up to 2,000 pounds. Regardless of the size of the trailer you want to tow, you'll need a tow-friendly vehicle that can make the trek.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tow vehicle
  • Hitching system
Step 1
Load the trailer. Distribute the load evenly from front to back and left to right. This will prevent swaying, sagging and allow you to maintain greater control over the trailer when it is en route.
Step 2
Check the maximum weight capacity for the hitch. If it cannot handle the weight of the trailer you wish to tow, obtain a higher class of hitch from an auto parts store. The hitch class and weight capacity is printed on the hitch ball.
Step 3
Raise the trailer on a jack. Slide a jack stand underneath to maintain the height of the trailer.
Step 4
Reverse the tow vehicle, so it is directly in front of the trailer. Line up the hitch ball with the coupler (receiver part of the hitch), which is a small tube that is welded to the vehicle chassis.
Step 5
Adjust the trailer as necessary. You may need to drive the trailer a few inches forward, so the hitch ball drops completely into the coupler.
Step 6
Slide the drawbar into the receiver and secure it with the locking pin.
Step 7
Attach safety chains. Fasten each chain over the other. Provide approximately 6 inches for slack, but not enough to drag on the ground.

Tips & Warnings

Turn slowly when rounding a corner.
When parking, always have an assistant direct you from outside the tow vehicle.

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