How to Put an Abu Garcia Reel Together

How to Put an Abu Garcia Reel Together
The Abu Garcia Co. is a Swedish fishing manufacturer that has been in operation for three generations. The company produces high-quality tackle. If you're recently cleaned your Abu Garcia reel and need some help putting it back together, don't worry, the process is moderate easy and can be accomplished in one sitting.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Assemble and attach the worm gearing section. Attach the cylinder through the line guide; the tip of the line guide must be flush with the upper slot. Insert the worm gear and drive guide. The drive guide fits into the worm gear. Screw the cap into place. Push the locking clip down. It's a good idea to lubricate the gearing with synthetic grease. Attach the side cover.
Step 2
Assemble and attach the drag section. Snap the collar into place over the gearing section. Attach the rod that holds the spool. Fasten the cover in place. Check that the teeth fit within the grooves on the post.
Step 3
Assemble and attach the handle section. Start by attaching the drag start. Tighten it down, but do not cross-thread it. Using your hand, restrict the post from spinning. Install and tighten the washer. Tighten the nut and then screw the cap down.
Step 4
Slide the spool onto the rod. Position the gears toward the tag end of the rod.

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