How to Repair the Brakes on an RV

How to Repair the Brakes on an RV
Before loading passengers into your RV for a weekend camping trip or summer road trip across the U.S., check the brakes. Brake failure is a common problem when routine maintenance and service is ignored. Damage from rust, corrosion and wear and tear can cause your RV brake system to stop unexpectedly, which can result in a serious accident. Brake repair is moderately easy. You just have to replace a few parts that are known to wear down over time.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Raise the travel trailer with a jack and keep it raised with a jack stand. Remove the nuts, hubcaps and wheel.
Step 2
Replace damaged brake shoes, drums and shoe-return springs and hardware. Replace shoes and drums that are worn thin. Replace corroded shoe-return springs and hardware. Check the adjusters to evaluate how easily they turn and replace if necessary.
Step 3
Inspect the rotors. Pay attention to the thickness, quality and run-out of each rotor. Look for warping, thinness or surface damage.
Step 4
Slide the wheel back into place, then tighten the nuts and hubcap.
Step 5
Add brake fluid. Restore the master cylinder and wheel cylinders and improve braking action with brake fluid. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Step 6
Take a short test drive. If the vehicle does not brake smoothly, adjust the drums and reduce shoe clearance. Make a small adjustment in clearance, then check again. Continue until you can brake smoothly. Apply a moly-type brake grease to the contact points between the shoe and the backing plates.

Tips & Warnings

Wear gloves when handling grease.
Always have a professional service problems you cannot resolve on your own.

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