How to Maintain Propane Tank Fittings on RVs

How to Maintain Propane Tank Fittings on RVs
Damage to tank fittings, the hardware located at the apex of the propane tank, can result in gas leaks. While the location of the propane tank is a main part of maintaining fittings, protecting the tank itself is also important. Before embarking on a camping trip or after installing a new propane tank, take a moment to check the fittings; the care and protection of propane tank fittings begins with proper installation and storage.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Propane tank dome
  • Dust cap
Step 1
Store the propane tank in a well ventilated area, which is not a living area or near a heat source. Position the tank in an upright position. Close the cylinder valve.
Step 2
Check for installation leaks by brushing a soap-water solution onto all connections. If there is a leak, you will see bubbles. The odor of rotten eggs can also indicate a leak. Contact a professional who can pinpoint the location of the leak and repair or remove the propane tank from your RV.
Step 3
Use a propane tank dome to protect the tank and fittings from impact during travel. Propane tank domes are securely attached and closed over the propane tank to prevent damage to the regulator and its vent, which can occur if the propane tank is moved improperly or falls over during travel. You can also cover the propane tank with a dust cap; however, the dome offers the greatest protection.
Step 4
Use the RV propane tank periodically to prevent corrosion and rust from forming on the fittings. Cool the tank with water during hot summer months to eliminate excess pressure, which can result from expanding liquid within the tank.

Tips & Warnings

Contract a certified technician to inspect the valves, hoses and fittings on your propane tank annually.
Always keep children away from propane tanks.
Never place propane cylinders in a closed area of your RV, such as a bathroom or a cabinet.

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