How Do I Gather Proper Skiing Equipment?

How Do I Gather Proper Skiing Equipment?
If you are looking to get off the rental skis and into your own gear, then you'll need to make a few preparations to know what equipment is right for you. There are plenty of good skis and boots out there, but each style is designed for a different kind of skiing or a different skier. It is important to have a good idea of what kind of skiing you want to do and what kind of skier you are before you start picking out the prettiest sticks on the rack.


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Step 1
Decide how much you are willing to spend on equipment. Keep in mind you will need, at minimum, skis, boots and poles. Before you go to a store to make your purchase, you should have a good idea of how much you would like to spend on each.
Step 2
Find a store that specializes in ski equipment. Although it may seem like a more expensive option, specialized ski shops often carry equipment tailored to all skill levels, and the price differences between these types of stores and general sporting good stores is negligible compared with the high level of expertise they offer.
Step 3
Measure your height and weight. These measurements can come in handy when selecting skis. The shop attendant can use your height and weight and your skill level to pick out a variety of skis and boots that better fit your needs.
Step 4
Bring an insole from your best-fitting footwear. Athletic shoes such as running shoes or hiking boots are a good choice for this. The insole will allow the attendant to better match you to a variety of boots that are more supportive of your particular foot shape.
Step 5
Inform the shop attendant of the kind of skiing you are interested in. Different skis and boots are designed for different types of skiing. Racing, mogul, powder, freestyle and all-mountain are several styles of skis that shops often carry. If you are a beginner skier looking to learn more advanced skiing techniques, an all-mountain ski will likely be a good choice.
Step 6
Choose ski poles based on their length and weight. The most important thing is the appropriate length. While standing in shoes, hold the pole upside down with your hand immediately beneath the basket. If your arm is bent at a 90-degree angle, the pole is an appropriate length.

Tips & Warnings

Request to use a demo version of your ski equipment before making a purchase. Wear your custom insoles if you have them and decide whether the equipment is really right for you.
Don't decide against a pair of ski boots just because they feel too tight. Often, the best-fitting boots are one size smaller than your shoes. After a few days of skiing, the padding in the boot will wear down and the boot will fit better.

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