How to Mount a Trailer Hitch

How to Mount a Trailer Hitch
Mounting a trailer hitch allows you to tow boats and campers. It is important that you do not tow more weight than your vehicle specifications allow. Doing so can cause damage to the vehicle. The trailer hitch can be mounted if your vehicle has a built-in hitch receiver. A vehicle without a tow package requires the user to install a tow bar in order to mount the hitch. Before mounting, determine the specifications of the trailer and be sure the vehicle is wired for trailer lights.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tow hitch with drop bar
  • Tow ball
  • Crescent wrench
Step 1
Check the rear of your vehicle for hitch receiver. The receiver will be a square shaped female insert.
Step 2
Determine the size of the receiver by either measuring the diameter or checking the label. Purchase a tow hitch drop bar the fits the receiver hitch. The tow hitch label will display the size making it easy to find a match.
Step 3
Remove the security lock pin or bolt from the hitch and insert the hitch on the receiver. Match the holes on the receiver hitch and the extended hitch. Insert the lock pin or bolt in the hitch to connect it to the receiver. Tug on the hitch to be sure it is locked in place.
Step 4
Determine the size of the ball required for the trailer you will be pulling. Purchase a ball that matches the trailer or purchase a hitch with a rotating system for multiple ball sizes.
Step 5
Use a wrench to tighten the ball on the hitch. Connect the trailer and trailer lights before towing.

Tips & Warnings

Make all of your measurements before making any purchases. Also check the vehicle owners manual for any warnings and towing restrictions.
Be sure the hitch is locked in place and the ball is secure to the hitch. Loose parts create a dangerous towing situation.

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